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Layered hair cutting is a versatile technique used by hairstylists to create depth, movement, and volume in the hair. A stylist must consider a clients hair type, face shape, and lifestyle this helps determine the most suitable layering technique and style.


why choose layering

Layered haircuts often require minimal styling effort to look polished and put-together. The varied lengths and textures created by the layers add natural movement to the hair, making it easy to achieve a chic, effortless look with minimal styling products and tools.


how its done

The hair is divided into sections, this helps the stylist work on one section at a time, ensuring evenness and precision. Then the stylist determines the desired length for the hair and starts cutting the baseline. Layers are added by taking small sections of hair and cutting them at an angle. The angle at which the hair is cut determines the length of the layers and how they blend into each other. Layers can be subtle or more dramatic, depending on the desired look.