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its all about the contrast. baby...

Hair highlighting is a popular hair coloring technique used to add dimension and depth to the hair. It involves lightening certain sections of the hair to create contrast with the base color. Highlighting can be done using various methods, such as foils, balayage, or ombre.

Single Process

semi or permanent

A single process hair coloring is a technique that involves applying only one type of color to the entire head of hair, typically to either darken or lighten the overall hair color, cover gray hair, or create a new base color. Unlike highlighting, which adds dimension by lightening specific sections of hair, a single-process color provides a uniform color change across all the hair.


Colors like no other

Backed by 100 years of science and 32 years of Tinta Color success. Keune has scientifically proven that Tinta Color gives up to 75% more fiber nutrition to the hair. The newly added Nourishing Complex improves the conditioning effect for your softest hair color yet. Keune color provides up to 59% less UV damage, the Solamer UV filter protects the hair from harmful UV radiation and ensures the color does not fade.